Anonymous Animus Ad Nauseam

Wednesday, September 27

Politicians and large masses have trouble apologizing for anything... everyone's afraid of giving ammunition to their enemies. That's a vicious cycle. We can't admit fault, so our faults are all the more glaring to others.

No amount of money or military force can stop cellular, decentralized terrorism, not without a vocal Islamic and Arab majority willing to denounce attacks on civilians. Perhaps the sectarian meat-grinder Iraq has become will inspire an Islamic media-majority to recognize terrorism as a viral and unstable tactic, not so easily kept in bounds as a tool for punishing an enemy... I've met many online, including Christian Arabs, who make excuses for terrorism against Israel or the US, while largely ignoring terrorism against Arabs by Arabs. Perhaps Americans will learn that our reliance on long-distance war is similiarly dysfunctional. Both sides have a huge amount of shadow invested in the other, so there will always be an attraction and a fear between the lines. We can either build bridges or burn them, and whichever way we choose, millions will choose with us, both friends and enemies. Whether people love or hate America, they imitate our tactics, as radical anti-Western groups imitate the tactics of Al Qaeda. I'd like us to set a good example, knowing that others will do as we do, not as we say.

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