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Wednesday, May 31

Values live on a deeper level than beliefs, and depend more on early role models than later teachers. Someone raised with good values will keep them regardless of what beliefs they are interested in as adults, and the only reliable way to erode good values is to put someone in an environment where being good is punished at every turn. As long as good values produce good results, people will hold onto them. Many will keep their values regardless, suffering in a climate where good intentions go unrewarded and selfishness results in tangible gain.

I believe "sin" is both a cause and a result of cultural collapse. As a culture collapses and social ties unravel, people start considering only what benefits them, their own family, their friends, their business partners, and ignoring the effects of their decisions on society as a whole. The sin of Biblical Sodom was not homosexuality, but a lack of charity and kindness between strangers. Everyone looked out for number one. Perhaps that climate also resulted in more visible homosexuality, since there was no longer a unifying moral code and people could be freer sexually (or dominate each other sexually, as the Biblical stories imply). But today's fundamentalists might look to a lack of ethics in business, a lack of kindness toward strangers, and the isolation of various subcultures, including their own, as factors in the decline of our civilization. Homosexuality doesn't even qualify, except to the degree that it creates another isolated subculture.

In any case, upholding universal values like truthfulness, compassion, and so on is a good way to resist the unraveling of culture. What we all need to get is that it's not just a matter of being a good person, but of *connecting* and keeping society alive that is so important. When we let social cohesion erode, it doesn't matter how good we are individually, because we end up feeling like isolated islands of good in a sea of chaos, and no society can function with that overriding perception.

Those who have a sense of perspective end up squeezed between chaos and amorality on the one hand, and the imposition of rigid morality and religious pride on the other. The middle needs to emerge and gain a voice, recognizing both that our actions affect society, and that some of our actions are nobody else's business. The problem is when we categorize behavior wrongly, believing homosexuality is everyone's business but greed is not.

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