Anonymous Animus Ad Nauseam

Wednesday, May 31

It helps if people refrain from labeling others "racist" or
"communist" or anything else. People have fears, needs and values, and
when name-calling dominates the discussion, none of those real feelings
are understood and everyone reacts to the surface conflict rather than
to the underlying issues.

A lot of people are afraid right now, and many of those fears have to
do with the "leaky boat". There are times in history when people fear
there won't be enough to go around, where they feel the ship is
sinking, and they begin trying to push some group out of the boat so it
doesn't sink as fast. In extreme cases, that can lead to fascism and ethnic
cleansing. It's important to address the fear before it becomes
disguised in demand and attack.

People who want secure borders aren't necessarily racist. Some are,
some aren't. People who live in the US illegally aren't necessarily evil
or undeserving of kindness. Recognizing the needs of real human beings
BEFORE they become labels and stereotypes is crucial. If we act like
everyone else is out to take what's ours, we become inhuman to each
other, and that's tragic.

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