Anonymous Animus Ad Nauseam

Sunday, March 5

It's easy to believe that because Moses and Mohammad were violent in serving their goals, that the goal itself was wrong. The real goal underlying all religion is to make a human family, a species that is aware of itself as one blood. Uniting subsets of that genetic library is a misunderstanding of the goal, when another bloodline is persectued out of paranoia or envy. One thing we should look into is the new science of charting family trees through DNA testing. A lot of interesting interconnections will be found, and we may discover that many of the people who commit genocide are attacking their own blood. As we reopen the wounds of the past, we must not forget to go all the way back, not just stop with "We are Jews" or "We are Muslims" or "We are black". Going back only to the point of division where one's own tribe gained its own sense of identity will not work. We have to go back further, to when identity was a human connection to the land, to nature, rather than a tribal identification with warring gods whose voices in the ears of the tribe led to persecution of other tribes.

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