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Friday, December 2

To someone who said, "Neoconservatives believe they own America, that they own us all":

Neoconservatives believe things like, "The government should not promote a welfare state". That position may be deeply flawed, but it's not quite the same as believing that the poor should be treated badly. If neocon beliefs and policies have negative effects, it would be more useful to point that out rather than attribute truly evil motives to people who are (mostly) just acting out bad policies based on bad political and social theory.

Saying, "Neocons want to make us all slaves" is about as accurate as saying gays want to destroy civilization by unravelling the institution of marriage. Neocon policies may promote a cheap-labor economy that harms the working class, but I don't think that was their conscious intention. In this political climate, however, everyone thinks their opponent is a Nazi and attributes the darkest possible motives to them. Nothing good can come of that, even if the "good guys" win.

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