Anonymous Animus Ad Nauseam

Monday, November 14

I think many addictions (religious, chemical, and television) are attempts at transcending the ego and mundane individual reality. But transcendence is a gradient, it doesn't end. It always wants to include more of the universe in its envelope of spirit. So belonging to *any* group will never satisfy the craving. Transcendence is a lifelong process that can never stop at a boundary line. That's why fundamentalist groups must assimilate all other groups. Only a spirituality that includes all life can promote real transcendence, and few religious dogmas allow for that inclusion without requiring conversion. There's no way for any religion to convert everybody, so religions must inevitably clash and fight, if they cannot lower their armor and accept others as they are. True humility is not the desire to convert the world to one's belief, but the willingness to include others in one's own spiritual boundary without requiring them to adopt a dogma first.

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