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Friday, November 11

A friend who took an online business writing course felt the writing they encouraged was manipulative and that ethics got only a passing nod. That the guiding wisdom was, "never say 'sorry'" That most of his classmates knew they could get an easy grade as long as they "played the game", and that he got the cold shoulder when he commented that the class wasn't learning anything. I've heard similar things from other people who have been involved in the corporate world. My input:

It's a sociopathic quality. Deny anything that puts a bad face on you. One thing that's really flawed is that people who depend on their superiors for jobs or grades are unable to give honest feedback, for fear of being punished. And the opinions of those outside the system aren't taken into account, so the people who should be giving feedback are the most likely to be silenced. Anyone who risks losing the approval of higher-ups to give honest feedback should get a medal. It's almost biblical, how the US is setting itself up to learn about morals. The "sins" of our subsystems undermining the future of the system as a whole... it's like Nebuchadnazzar's dream of the head of gold and feet of clay. We sell ourselves better than any other nation, but what is the product we're selling?

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