Anonymous Animus Ad Nauseam

Tuesday, September 13

I really wish sex and marriage could just be *individual* decisions rather than political statements. Those who flourish in in monogamy, who need the security in order to become who they are, will always prefer marriage, and everyone should respect their decision. Those who flourish in free love, who know how to handle jealousy and feel more like themselves when they aren't committed to one person, will always seek a more open environment. Some will bounce between the two extremes, and some will find some middle ground such as committed polygamy. Others will find fulfillment in celibacy. It should always be an individual decision, not a political one. Nobody should be required to sacrifice their natural inclinations in order to satisfy a religious or anti-religious ideal. The only rule should be "Don't interfere with the right of others to do what's right for themselves."

It seems to me that traditional Southern Christians are attempting to keep their own marriages together by forcing everyone else to retain the same moral code. The old, "Make me moral or I'll blame you for my sins" game. They oppose gay marriage because it gives them the feeling that they're "taking a stand" even though it does nothing to make straight marriages more secure. It gives them a line to draw in the sand while their own marriages unravel at a faster rate than those in other parts of the country. The politicization of sex and marriage is a disaster.

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